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Bombay Commercial Syndicate

Prosol Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. can send a technical person to the customer's manufacturing unit to study and understand the process


We study the process and understand the customer's production process, including the pre and post stages in the manufacturing sequence. 



Our technical staff will work with your production/R&D team at your  manufacturing to study/understand your technical requirements and recommend our existing products or develop customised products to meet your process needs. 

OUR TECHNICAL STAFF IN THE INDUSTRY FOR OVER 2 DECADES – let us share our wealth of knowledge. 



The product and process is tested in our laboratory, following which a production scale trial is done at the customer's manufacturing line to fully implement the product.


  • Process Study
  • Product Development
  • Vibratory Finishing Lab
  • Trials in customer's premises
  •  Free samples for Trials
  •  Customised Products

“Prosol Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. identified key areas for improvement. Our process bottleneck has been resolved”

Automotive Impregnation

We develop a product and process that meets all the customer's requirements and process constraints, including compatibility with pre- and post-processing stages.